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摘要显微外科准备冠状假性撒尿柱 克里斯蒂塔)无小核系中,使机关细胞因口围带倒退部小膜涌现两样方式的错误而通向畸形状态;在细胞扩展停顿期的群体中,口围带畸形状态率高达50%再;对无小核系600多个刚取得二机关的前、后挖土和1 1000多种虫生理残余相蛋白质的银染,除4只二歧化挖土和3只二歧化挖土口周带非常外,压倒的多数以后整队发作后的细胞都具有标准的的胞口排列.在另一方面,专一性培育试验更远地验证,口周畸形状态发作在非整队发作阶段。,损失小核的细胞,同时也损失了胞口排列的稳定性.To explore the generality of the morphogenetic function of the micronucleus among ciliates, we employed five stocks of hypotrichous ciliate Pseudourostyla 克里斯蒂塔 : 2, 4, 6, 28 and 46, and five a小核 cell lines:2aml, 4aml, 6aml, 28aml and 46aml derived from stocks 2, 4, 6, 28 and 46 respectively, which were generated by amputation of the cell when the micronuclei became aligned on the left side of the amalgamated macronuclei during cell 机关。 小核 cell lines 2ml, 4ml, 28ml and 46ml derived after amputation but retaining the micronuclei were also studied and served as 把持。 For observation of the cortex and nuclei, protargol staining was used 从头到尾。 The evident character of the a小核 cell lines, as compared with the normal and the 小核 cell lines, was that a substantial proportion of cells exhibited an abnormal adoral zone of membranelles (阿兹姆) When the culture medium began to age after 7~10 days, the culture soon entered stationary phase of 增长。 During the period abnormal AZMs were observed in over 50% of a小核 cells in various cell lines, among which the percentage of 6aml cells with defective AZM came up to 98%. In fact, the percentage of cells with abnormal AZM in a culture population was changeable and varied from low to high from exponential growth phase to stationary 阶段。 These abnormal patterns involved various degrees of reduction of membranellar width in the anterior and middle part of the AZM lapel (阿兹姆 L), and in severe cases disruption of AZM continuity due to the loss of some membranelles, and also indentation of the cytoplasm in this 区域。 Morphogenesis of the a小核s in binary fission and in physiological reorganization was 调查所。 Restructuring of the pre existing oral apparatus, both during binary fission in the putative proter and during physiological reorganization, resulted in the formation of a normal 阿兹姆。 After restoration of normal AZM in binary fission or physiological reorganization, abnormal AZM pat

作者金立培钟金华JIN Li Pei JIN Hua Zhong (中等学校 of Life Sciences, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou 510275, 中国1971)
2002年第2期 258-263,共六页
Acta 发育完全的个体学 Sinica


关键词小制止胞口排列稳定性腹部纤毛虫的冠突伪尾柱虫无性机关口部发作Hypotrichous ciliate ( Pseudourostyla 克里斯蒂塔 ), Binary fission, Physiological reorganization, Stomatogenesis, Micronucleus

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